About Us

About Lintel

Technology becomes generic when passion, motivation and imagination are not invested in its deployment. Lintel transforms the generic into an interesting human narrative by making these three elements into our process and methodology. This ensures that the adoption of our technology solutions happens in a way that embraces cultural specificities, individual context and local sensibilities.

Customers work with us not just to fulfill their requirements or to optimize their cost, time or resource utilization. We are sought out more for our commitment to the above values. These values are not an abstract corporate credo for us but instead, they represent our pragmatic approach and everyday practice in solving customer problems. When the words passion, motivation and imagination represent our pragmatic approach of working with people and communities, it means that:


  • We do not just perform our obligations
  • We document the process of arriving at a technological solution and share the documents back with the community.
  • We place a higher value in solving the problem and collectively sharing the benefits than just our own potential for generating profits.
  • We identify the lateral application possibilities for each technology developed in order to minimize the cost and maximize the benefits.


  • We perform the role we have decided to play without any confusion. We want to play our part well.
  • Our motivation is to be able to develop a story out of what we do together. There are numerous opportunities to earn money, only a few to keep it.
  • Sometimes we want to make it work more than the client!
  • We are motivated to remain motivated. That is only possible if we build a sustainable legacy of pushing far beyond and further - a habit of leading that does not depend only on the people.


  • We are not afraid of extending or limiting the brief given to us - if it makes the solution more real or more optimal.
  • What we do is not enough, what we imagine of what we do is also reveals our relationship with our work.
  • Instead of polishing our identity with platitudes which shatter the moment you start working with us - we invite you to take risk and co-imagine the future with us. If we do not offer you interesting new possibilities; our job is not done.

We invite you to desire and demand the seemingly impossible and relish the reward. Our corporate culture is constantly evolving because we are not easily satisfied and we tirelessly question the limits we place on our beliefs and convictions. If there is a better way to implement a better solution, you can be sure that either we’ll find it or at least be interested in zealously pursuing it.

The capacity to innovate is not equal at all developmental stages of an organization. This capacity is optimal when a good team is in place to constantly push the boundaries and has enough experience to not avoid both simplistic solutions and expensive mistakes. We believe that we at Lintel are at this stage now and we would like to partner with you to leverage our desire to make a difference.