AngularJS Development

JavaScript is blowing up. You can hardly write a line of code without running into a new JavaScript framework. We've tried many of them, with mixed results, but have been left wanting. In the world of browser-based JavaScript development, and here at Lintel, Angular was a game changer. We don't use Angular for everything; however, when we need sophisticated user experiences, rich business logic on the front-end, or powerful web applications, we confidently turn to Angular.

Features like controllers and directives take your plain, old HTML and classic JavaScript and turn them into something magical. Obviously the previously mentioned languages form the foundation for Angular; but it’s the extensible framework that makes web development more enjoyable and offers the web developer a far more powerful paradigm to work in. The learning curve can be a little steep; the documentation leaves something to be desired; but embracing Angular for your browser-based development will not disappoint.

Coupling RESTful APIs and Angular is what Lintel prescribes for any moderate to extremely sophisticated web application.