iOS Development

The number of iPhone and iPod apps available through the iTunes store is staggering. With over 1 million apps available for purchase and download, how is your app going to rise above the noise?

Lintel is no stranger to building sophisticated iOS apps that stand out. Our Objective-C experts (our very own Apple fanboys) are well-versed in the core iOS libraries, but we've also probed some of the platform's more interesting capabilities, like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). However, there's nothing we love more than creating inspiring and intuitive user interfaces: simplifying workflows, creating elegant answers to complex problems, and engaging mobile users with great brands.

About iOS

iOS is the operating system Apple develops for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices, related to the Unix-based Mac OSX. Apple allows developers to create apps (written in Objective C) using the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK). It's kind of a big deal.