Technology is making business better every day. We at Lintel are part of this technological revolution where the whole world is connected for business. Besides being an I.T. solutions company we are also a partner that helps businesses with their growth strategies through outsourcing. We have been providing services to several outsourcing companies and have in the process build up relationships that help us deliver on any outsourcing project besides I.T. as well.

Outsourcing in India

The Outsourcing industry in India is a mature industry with over 25 years of it having thrived in India. There are several big, medium and small brands that have been taking advantage of the same to formulate aggressive growth strategies at low costs. Globally competitive talent is easily available due to the industry having primed in India during these years. The industry has also been shifting from a typical call center model to other models of outsourcing be it shared business, managed services or business process management or outsourcing models.

There are currently more than 1 million people in India engaged in this space. The reason for this to happen out of India has been a truly global delivery network and best in class governance framework as claimed by NASSCOM a trade association of Indian Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry that was established as far back as 1988.

English is the preferred language for education in India. With 400 universities churning out 5 million graduates every year India offers talent that is highly educated, skilled and has strong English language capabilities.

Our People

Outsourcing is a process majorly dependent on people besides technology. We bring forth people who are engaged to the core in business. Over the years we have achieved great success in hiring the right set of people at our outsourcing center. People who are diverse in nature yet share the common passion for work. Our organization understands the value of our people. We promote a culture of creativity, learning, dedication and persistence which makes up our bright agile team that has been a part of us for years.